Globally competitive machining sourced locally through automation.

We have experience with overseas sourcing and know the difficulties.

  • Lead Time
  • Quality Consistency
  • Navigating Cultural Differences

We understand that people still need competitive pricing because of competitive pressure, market volatility, and demanding customers. Our response to that need is automation. Automated processes decrease labour costs, speed up lead times, and ensure consistent product quality. The best part is that you get to deal locally. Good business starts with good relationships, which is why our partnership doesn’t end when your order ships. We’ll work with you to understand your business, your products, and your needs so we can meet and surpass your expectations on a regular basis.

Above & Beyond

Longtime client Noelle has worked for several companies, and we have always been there for her machining needs. Watch this video and hear what Noelle has to say about her partnership with Machine O Matic.

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