What We Do

Machine O Matic is a high-capacity automated production machine shop specializing in high-volume production. Our automated work cells can machine stand-alone products or families of parts to your requirements. We ensure they’ll fit together in the larger assembly and interact as they’re supposed to in the finished product.


Our Process

We’re a process-driven business; by using automated production wherever possible, we can manufacture your products more quickly and reliably. With a long-term manufacturing and shipping contract in place, we can create a complete product inventory so you always have access to the parts you need, when you need them.

We stand by our in-house quality control program and complete product testing during all stages of manufacturing so we can meet even the highest quality standards, both in the shop and with our documentation. We are proud to operate locally and can manufacture your parts more quickly, which provides more consistent quality and price competitiveness when compared to an overseas strategy.

We don’t just manufacture your parts. We work with you to solve your quality and supply problems, discover what you really need, and build a strategic partnership that benefits you in the long run.


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