What We Do

You’re looking for quality parts with fast turnaround times. Our response to that need is automation. Automated processes decrease labour costs, speed up lead times, and ensure consistent product quality. By using automated production wherever possible, we can manufacture your products more quickly and reliably.

We specialize in high-volume production machining. Our automated work cells can machine stand-alone products or families of parts to your requirements. Because we’re located here in Edmonton, you will also receive your parts more quickly and can reach our support team when you need them.

We have the expertise you need. Over the past 5 years, we have machined over 28,000 ball seats and over 55,000 hard turning parts; we have extensive experience machining parts up to 65 HRC. These parts are precision machined, providing quality parts for larger assemblies.


Our Capabilities

We can machine any part you can hold in your hand. Depending on the application, we can work with any material you provide according to the specifications below. We like a challenge, and we’d love to handle yours. Talk to us about your machining needs today.


Computer numerical control (CNC) is a method of machining where a computer manages the process but an operator oversees it. This is the most efficient and expedient way to machine large quantities of machine parts to exact specifications from a range of materials.

  • Lathe & turning centres up to 12” diameter
  • Mill & machining centres up to 18” diameter
  • Mill machining up to 48” in length
  • Multi-axis machining
  • Custom threading
  • Automated high-capacity band saw cutting


Automation is the next level of CNC. The machine loads the program and materials automatically so it can produce the part more quickly and improve efficiencies of scale and pricing. This method is often ideal for large-scale product manufacturing because it further reduces lead times and increases productivity.

  • Dual turning centres with milling capacity
  • Continuous/simultaneous machining by both spindles
  • 4-axis simultaneous machining
  • Gantry loading
  • Multi-operational

Talk to us and we’ll help you decide which machining option is best for your needs.

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Our Equipment

We know the best parts come from the best equipment. By investing in the right tools for the job, we’re able to streamline production, develop parts that are accurate to your specifications, and improve communications with suppliers and with you.

  • Production Cells: We have several fully automated production cells, which use only quality, well-maintained machinery and tooling to ensure we can produce exactly what you need.
  • Quality Control Room: Our temperature-controlled QC room is filled with advanced measuring equipment to help us test your finished parts, ensure they interact with each other perfectly, and document the results. This equipment includes the following.
    • Mitutoyo SJ-410 Surftest
    • Mitutoyo Linear Height Gauge 600
    • Mitutoyo Crysta Plus M574 Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Mitutoyo PH-3500 Vertical Profile Projector
  • Programming Software: We use advanced programming software so we can program either directly on the machines or offline.
  • ERP & CRM: We use an enterprise resource program and customer relationship management software to provide you with the necessary documentation, traceability, and communication.

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