Jee Lee

Sales Manager

Time in Industry: Since 2005;
Time at Machine O Matic: Since 2017

Favourite Things:
  1. Having the support and company of my family and friends
  2. Anything to do with sports
  3. I love to cook; creating through food is a wonderful thing

Least Favourite Things:
  1. Terrible service in restaurants
  2. Rude people
  3. Drivers who think of no one else

Interesting Fact:
I'm a wannabe placer gold miner. I have my own claim and go up to the Yukon yearly with a dear friend.

Why I Like Working at Machine O Matic:
The team of people I work with. Everyone takes personal pride in what they do and works together to get things done, at the same time having some fun at work.

Jee Lee