Sheetal Shakeel

Customer Support

Time in Industry: Since 2011;
Time at Machine O Matic: Since 2011

Favourite Things:
  1. Online shopping
  2. Spending time with my husband and my parents
  3. Watching Indian programs

Least Favourite Things:
  1. Going to the gym
  2. Going to the mall
  3. Seeing people when they are sad

Interesting Fact:
I came to Canada with my family at the age of 12 not knowing much English. I lived in Montreal for three years and learned a little French. I moved to Edmonton, finished my studies, and got an amazing job at MOM, where I have improved my English a lot (still working on it, though!) and become more confident as a person by staying positive.

Why I Like Working at Machine O Matic:
Working at Machine O Matic has been great. They really do care about their employees and their feelings. They give opportunities to their employees to grow, and I have learned and grown a lot at this company.

Sheetal Shakeel